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Handmade in Calgary

Game Tables

Beautifully handcrafted game tables with all the goodies:
Inset play area, accessory rail for cup holders, dice boxes, pieces trays, etc. Add a topper to convert to a dining table. Even add in some LEDs for ambiance!

Wood Art

Heraldry for Houses Martell & Baratheon

Heraldry for Houses Stark

Stellated Tetrahedron

Wood Stickers

Fun Stickers of All Types

Iā€™m making fun new stickers all the time to add to my repertoire! There's something for everyone.

We Make Custom Stickers too!

If there's something you want, just get in touch, I'd love to make it for you!
Wood stickers make your brand stand out.

About Legend Craft

I'm Redge šŸ‘‹šŸ»

I'm the maker behind the madness cooking up geeky new delights in my workshop here in Calgary.
I've been hosting a weekly games night for ~20 years. Gathering around the games table with dear friends is one of my favourite things in life!

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I'd love to make something geeky & beautiful for you too!

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