Just Launched, Kickstarter Make 100:

The D2 / Challenge Coin

Introducing the D2 Challenge Coin. Made of Steel Canvas, this coin will really shine at your games table. There is always two sides to every coin, and so we though we would have some fun with it! On the “heads” side, a classic coin layout, featuring the Legend Craft Font, and the 2021 year.


The Magnetracker

Update: The Magnetracker Kickstarter was 235% funded! Thank You!

What is the Magnetracker?

The Magnetracker is a handy aid for tracking your character in TTRPGs (table top role playing games) like Dungeons & Dragons.

Our first two magnetrackers are for D&D, but we plan to release other trackers for other TTRPGs in the future.

With the Spell Tracker you can keep track of how many spells you have left before you need to rest as well as whether you are concentrating.

With the Health Tracker you can track your character’s hit points as well as whether you currently have inspiration.

Don’t Break the Spell!

Get a break from all the screens and stay totally present in the magical moment during D&D night with the Magnetracker. Feel the heft of the steel tablet in your hand. Delight in the tactile sensation of sliding the magnets along their perfectly sized tracks. You’ll be spellbound!


The Magnetracker by Legend Craft is a tablet, about the size of a smart phone, that is completely magnetic. It is comprised of a lamination of steel and natural wood veneers, making it thinner than carboard but as strong as steel. Exposed metal tracks are laser carved into the surface, where small magnets can slide around to keep track of information in Table Top Role Playing Games.

At Legend Craft, we believe games day matters. It is a magical time where stories are shared, and we want to help immerse players in the storyteller’s creation. By staying organized, you can reduce the distractions from the game!

Steel Core Canvas

Steel Core Canvas is a proprietary material to and process for displaying art in a harmony of wood and metal. Made up of layers of natural wood veneers and metal, it produces a unique look when the wood veneer is lasered away to reveal a shiny metal layer. It allows us to create products that are very thin and very strong. It is also completely magnetic on every face and edge.

The Magnetracker works by sliding magnetic buttons into position on the steel tracks. It is a super satisfying feeling to slide them back in forth in the perfectly fit tracks. The buttons have a matching wood veneer on them to complete the look. 

Veneer Choices

Choose what look you like the best from our selection of natural wood veneers from a variety of domestic and exotic wood species. We currently offer a very limited number of these veneers:

  • ¬†Maple
  • Walnut
  • Reconstructed Walnut (made from waste product!)
  • Reconstructed Oak (this one too!)
  • Birds Eye Maple (extra beautiful maple)
  • Sapele
  • African Mahogany
  • Sipo Mahogany
  • Bubinga
  • Purple Heart
  • Zebrawood
  • Fumed Eucalyptus


Spells & Health

Our first two designs help you keep track of your Hit Points and your used spell slots in DnD 5e. After a long rest, slide all your tracker pips to the right, and just slide them one unit down for every used spell. Also featured is a concentration toggle and an inspiration toggle. We can add more designs for tracking different TTRPG systems in the future.


Our product is super versatile in that almost any graphic can be laser etched into its surface. On the back of your tracker, the default option is to have our logo engraved. However, you have the option to personalize your tracker with a character name and/or class symbol. We can also offer full back art in the future.

What about the DM’s?

Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about you, we are currently also working on developing a fully customizable and modular privacy screen system built using our Steel Core Canvas. It’s called The Vanguard. Check it out!