About Us

Just a couple board game geeks making products we love. 

Creating from our Passion

We love board games and all sort of geekiness and we love making things just as much – Legend Craft is simply the natural progression for us: crafting beautiful, fun and board game themed products that we personally love. What could be better?

About the Legend Crafters

We are Ben James & Condredge Dole: the people behind Legend Craft. We hand make every single item that goes out our doors, imbuing them with our love of board games and our maniacal passion for creating the highest quality items we can possibly produce.

Ben James


Tall Elf Craftsman

Key Traits:

  • Youthfulness
  • Wry Wit
  • Obsessive Attention to Detail
  • Creative Problem Maker & Solver

Condredge Dole

Dwarven Bearded Maker

Key Traits:

  • Ancient Beyond Time Itself
  • Dreamer
  • Not Afraid to Try Making Anything
  • Has An Infinite Supply of Ideas



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