Board Game Tables Like You’ve Never Seen them before

Take Your Place At The Table of Aurelius

The place of decisions, discernment, and discipline. The great philosopher once said, “Where a man can live, he can also live well.” And your simple and graceful Aurelius Table will help you game well. The chic, minimalist design speaks not to vanity or extravagance, but beauty in simplicity.


Nothing about the Aurelius Table speaks to waste. It’s entirety is designed to perform, and crafted by hand. This table features a brand new, never before seen rail system. Removeable, interchangeable components aid in your experience. Lights set the tone. The card rail helps organize your thoughts. The cover transforms and conceals.



The Aurelius table is designed to be designed. It was created to allow the owner the power of control, with fully customizable options. Choose your colours, inherent features, styles, and dimensions. Make it fit your space and your taste. Be the creator.


We know that the tabletop gaming world isn’t for everyone, and so we offer a simpler alternative that can suit your needs.

For the casual, assemble puzzles, or simply deal the cards, opt for the shallow depth, and keep your puzzle safe below the cover.

For the Hardcore, choose the deeper option if your games include miniatures, or game pieces you would like to keep set up under the cover.





With such a modern and clean design, the Aurelius will find its place in any home. The full size cover conceals the table in a shroud of elegance, and transforms it to a place for dining. Below, a world, illuminated by the soft glow of lights of the colour of your choosing.


Run your hands across the smooth, soft velveteen playing pad. A fully removable place to dampen your dice rolls, and host game boards and tiles.


“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” Every removable component finds its place in the player rail. Own a place for your wine, your glass, your pieces, your devices, your rolls, and more. Change your placements and combinations at will.

We designed the Aurelius table with the Gamer’s experience at the forefront. Sometimes simple is better, and every component of the Aurelius has a purpose.


The Rail adds a lot of customization with the removable components. Currently, we offer Large or Small cup holders, (small fits a pop can), stemware holders, game piece organizers, dice boxes, and device holders to stand your phone or tablet up. We have plans for future components as well that you can order for your table as they are released.

Makers of the Table

We, the Nerds of the North known only as the Crafters of Legends put everything we have into the creation of these mythical tables. Our very own hands and minds wrangle nature’s resources and shape it to our will. We put everything we have into these tables, so you know that it was crafted with love, care, and devotion to the craft.

Your Aurelius Table

We would love to craft a table specifically for you!