Board Game Tables Like You’ve Never Seen them before

Behold the Mountain King Table!

Take in the Tolkien inspired monolith that is the Mountain King War Table! Picture yourself and 7 other Lords of your domain conducting battles, and implementing strategies in your favourite board and card games! With sturdy, pillar-esque legs, reminiscent of the great halls of Moria, and solid ash player rails, The Mountain King War Table is a fully functional gaming table that is built to last. 

Simon’s Mountain King Table:

All the product photos you are looking at here are of the table we made for Simon. Over the course of a year we planned and designed this table with him.

Simon has 2’x2′ scenery tiles to create his legendary worlds within which his groups’ adventures take place. On top of these tiles he places his meticlously painted buildings, trees and figures. All the buildings & figures you see in these photos are his handiwork. (Thanks for sharing your photos, Simon!)

I have only positives things to say about Ben and Condredge from Legendcraft. The gaming table they built for me is nothing short of amazing! They took the time to sit with me and discuss the plans and the ideas they had for the table. The final result is breathtaking and I couldn’t be happier with the craftmanship. The quality and durability is fansastic. They’ve really exceded my expectations and went beyond to anything I could of hoped for. Thanks guys!

Simon Solo

Distressed & Ancient

All the solid wood components of the table were hand hewn by skilled craftsmen reminiscent of the past. The table’s appearance inspires tales of old and the weathered, distressed look of a century of use. Certain areas may showcase indications of dwarven carelessness, where their side axe had cut the table as they sat, where they idly carved their initials in the table’s surface, or where they slammed their mug of mead down just a bit too enthusiastically!

Mead & Munitions

Within reach of each of your lords are stainless steel receptacles. The perfect place to store your ale as you command your forces!

Triangular corner wells provide much-needed space for your implements of war.

Game Well

The great game well of the table is your own, personal overview of the battles to come.

A soft, felt or royal velveteen pad fills the well providing a comfortable and satisfying area to pick up and place any manner of card, token or game piece.




Roll ‘Em!

The sound of your dice gently bouncing across the play area will add to the anticipation of your roll results.

Never let your dice escape to the floors of your hallowed halls again! The player well sits recessed deep enough to safely contain an overly enthusiastic cast of the die.

The player well is protected by the leaf lids, an arrangement of grain-matched panels that form a canopy, shielding your game from prying eyes, or cascades of crumbs, as well as providing a place to securely store a legacy game for next week’s council.

Only those with The Mountain King’s Key may lift this canopy, as the inset panels are right flush with the table’s surface

Battle Stations!

The players of your council shall each sit at their own battle station, ready to command. These stations feature interchangeable ledges that clip in below, revealing a privacy cubbie, and providing a place to keep game pieces, player cards, or private dice trays. The ledges can be removed and stored, as they double as the fronts of the rails.

Mysterious Runes

The fronts are magically imbued with hand carved, ancient dwarven runes, The spell they conjure is up to you! We consult clerics of an ancient order, to transcribe your incantation into the table’s faces.

Bearer of the Scroll

Your table is magically protected by the ancient scroll of the dwarves. A time-worn artifact that displays the translation of the runes, and the legend of The Mountain King’s Key. Only the bearer of this Scroll and Key may muster the Table’s true powers.

Makers of the Table

We, the Nerds of the North known only as the Crafters of Legends put everything we have into the creation of these mythical tables. Our very own hands and minds wrangle nature’s resources and shape it to our will. We put everything we have into these tables, so you know that it was crafted with love, care, and devotion to the craft.

The Mountain King Table Calls To You!

If you absolutely *must* have this table, we would love to craft one for you! There are several options to choose from including overall size, stain colour, fabric type & colour, and, of course, what you want your runes to say.

Fill out this form to let us know you are interested in a Mountain King table of your very own:

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