Design Your Custom Board Game Table

Start with a simplified version of the Aurelius Table¬†and select the size you want your table to be. Choose which features and accessories you want and get a live price quote. Add any additional requests to the comments and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

Design away!

    Your Custom Price: $0

    Price Breakdown:

    • Wood Cost: $
    • Ledge Cost: $
    • Accessory Rail Cost: $
    • LED Cost: $
    • Leg Cost: $
    • Fabric Cost: $

    Choose Your Table Size:

    Wood Species:

    Game Well Depth:

    Add LEDs to Game Well?

    This is a super fun add-on! Add a continuous glowing band of light around the inside of the game well upon which the game ledge appears to float.

    Leg Style

    he legs are simple, sturdy, easy to attach, and out of the way. Choose between several simple styles, square, inside taper, full taper, or, if you need a bit more detail, moscow market.

    Fabric Insert

    Table Cover

    Our table covers go over the top of the entire table. They are designed with a stand-off so they appear to float. The multi-piece cover is divided into several leaves that fit together with holes & pegs. The number of leaves is determined by the size of the table, each one being in the 12"-18" range.

    Add an Accessory Rail?

    The accessory rail is a slot cut into all sides of the table ledges which can accommodate accessories such as cupholders


    Add accessories to your table. Please note that you must add an accessory rail to the table in order to use these accessories.

    • Small Cupholders (big enough for a can of pop):

    • Jumbo Cupholders (can fit bigger glasses):

    • Stemware Holders:

    • Dice Boxes:

    • Component Trays:

    • Phone Holders:

    • Small Tablet Holders:

    • Large Tablet Holders:

    Fill out your contact information below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your new table!

    Our process: we require a $1000 deposit on your table which holds your place in our schedule. Before we begin construction of your table we require the remainder of the balance of the price.

    Calgary delivery is included, if you are located outside Calgary we can arrange shipping. There will be additional costs involved in shipping including creating secure crating and of course freight costs