The Vanguard

Coming Soon to Kickstarter! Our super strong, super thin, super modular, super sexy, magnets-stick-anywhere privacy screen is nearly ready for Kickstarter!

What is the Vanguard?

The Vanguard is a handcrafted, magnetic privacy screen for Tabletop Role Playing Games. It is unique in that not only is it completely modular and upgrade-able, but that the entire screen panel is magnetic. It is also incredibly thin, while as strong as steel, making it incredibly portable. The last unique ability of the screen is that it can be a canvas for laser etched art, revealing the bare shiny metal in the artwork. Below we give you detailed explanations on the material and how versatile it is.

For the Storytellers

At Legend Craft, we believe games day matters. It is a magical time where stories are shared, and we want to enable storytellers to focus on the game and immersing their players in the storyteller’s creation. By staying organized, you can reduce the distractions between your players and the game.

Steel Core Canvas

The Vanguard is a lamination of natural wood veneers, with a steel core. This steel core provides the right weight to make the vanguard sturdy, and also provides the function of magnetism. This material is extra special because it can be easily formed to any flat shape, and can act as the ultimate canvas.

Unique Artistry

With laser etching technology, we can carve away the wood veneer to reveal a shiny metal layer in the line-work of art. We can expand on this product in the future as well, and have plans for releasing other products made with the same technology.

What’s Your Fav?

We offer a premium selection of domestic and exotic hardwood veneers. All veneer products are natural wood from species around the world. More variation in colour, grain pattern, and finish will be available in the future.

Imbued With Magnetism

The Vanguard screen panels hinge on magnets on the edges. Each end of each panel has two strong, neodymium magnets embedded into the edges and staggered. The panels come together to create 4 points of attraction to the steel. You can adjust the angle of your screen on the fly and can easily separate the panels.

You Are The Screen Master

You also can orient the screens however you wish. Portrait or Landscape in any combination. Add more screens to your Vanguard as you and your needs grow.

Time to Accessorize

Because the Vanguard panels are made from steel core, they become your canvas for all kinds of magnetic accessories. Use our accessories and create your own!

Roll for Initiative

Stick to the battle plan, or don’t. Either way, you know whose turn it is with the Initiative Tracker. Made with the same steel core tech, the trackers easily magnet to the top of the screen and to each other for stability. Slap on magnetic condition markers to you know who is vulnerable and who to strike next. In the same fashion, you can pin location markers to both the trackers and your map so everyone knows the layout of the battle field.

Magnetic Dry Erase Acrylic Screen

Up the utility of your Vanguard system by adding one of these clear acrylic sheets that we’ve sized to match one panel of the Vanguard and embedding powerful magnets in each of the corners.
Slap it on the front of your screen to display anything you can print or draw like your campaign map, art to set the scene, monster sheets, whatever you like.

Use dry erase markers to draw and write over top of your maps allowing the party to scheme their next adventure. Or track your NPC health without having to erase a hole through your monster sheet.

Combined with one of your Vanguard panels, the acrylic sheet turns into a handy dry erase writing pad that you can use over a character sheet, in other games, however you like. How handy? Plus that “snap” of the magnets is oh so satisfying.

Bring the Adventure With You!

Get the custom made carrying case with your order. Handcrafted in Canada with high quality canvas, this bag is a true fashion statement. With removable pouches to store your various accessories, you will never have to worry about forgetting pieces or leaving things behind on your way to games night.

What about the Players??

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! In fact, we’ve created something delightful to make your D&D nights even more special. Check out our incredible tactile Spell & HP trackers made from our steel core canvas.